A Fresh Vision Of God

2010. A new year . . . a new decade.

So many things happened last year – both good and bad. For our nation as well, many triumphs and many tragedies. We saw about 13 typhoons hitting our country with Ondoy and Pepeng leading the highest number of casualties and damage caused. The Maguindanao massacre shocked not only the Filipinos here but also sent tremors abroad. But despite the tragedies, we also had our share of triumphs. Two big news were the following: Manny Pacquiao’s 7th boxing title and the win of Efren Penaflorida as CNN’s Hero of the Year.
There are different emotions that come up at the beginning of the year. Some have fear of the future; others are filled with anxiety and worry not knowing how to pay the bills accumulated during the holidays; still others have wounded faith because of many unmet expectations during the past year.
But despite the ups and downs, one thing is still the same. God’s steadfast love never ceases! His mercies are new every morning.
Let us not put limits in a limitless God. No limits, no border, no boundaries. Let’s put our faith in God!
Many people write faith goals and new year’s resolutions. But many of these are statements of “I will” – I will lose xx pounds. Or I will read my bible more this year. Or I will save this much in my bank account. Or I will finally get married this year. But instead of “I will”, maybe it is better to write a declaration of “God will”. When we focus on what we can do, it often results in frustration, failure and discouragement. But when we focus on what God can do, the burden suddenly shifts from us to Him. God is willing. He is able.
Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to the power that is at work within us (Eph. 3:20)

Source: Faith