Top Ten No-No’s In Times of Disaster

What do people do after a calamity hits a nation? Many did acts of heroism that saved lives. A lot more generously gave to help those who lost valuable properties and even loved ones. But others simply don’t get it. Here’s an excellent blog on what not to do in calamity times written by Pastor Ferdie Cabiling of Victory Ortigas:
IN A WEEK’S BATTLE WITH the devastation brought about by typhoon Ondoy and the threatening attack of  “Parma” (international codename) in a few hours time, here are suggested no-no’s to shy-away from:

1.) A non-stop playing with ‘Mafia’ and ‘Farmville’ games in Facebook, as if 90% of your city has not been flooded. A little sensitivity to our fellow men’s predicament would be greatly appreciated.
2.) Uncalled for comments that say’s that God’s judgment is upon the nation because of the people’s sins. The victims who have been on their roof for almost 24 hours want to be rescued not verbally condemned.
3.) Doing vain, empty, and constant photo ops during relief efforts to show to the world how benevolent you are is sickening. (Though I understand the need for proper documentations for reports and further appeal for support.)
4.) Too much concern about your own political party/organization/corporate’s PR. Too much image consciousness makes other people nauseated. This might not be the time to try to gain “pogi” points.
5.) Impatience with the poor and the victims. It may not be a sign of ingratitude per se. Give them the elbowroom to spill out their initial sentiments. It may just be a sound of cries due to seemingly unbearable misery. Remember, even the prophet Jeremiah spat it out too (Jer. 20:7 KJv “O LORD, thou hast deceived me, and I was deceived: thou art stronger than I, and hast prevailed: I am in derision daily, every one mocketh me.”)
6.) Non-stop political infomercials on media in the midst of disaster is an unwise thing to do.
7.) Being a conduit of FEAR and PANIC, rather than FAITH and PRAISE. Look at how we disseminate info’s via the Internet? Are we propagating more panic or tid-bits of wisdom and tips?
8.) Credit grabbing. As long as the relief efforts are given peacefully and generously to the proper recipients, it’s enough already. We all can rejoice together for the efforts.
9.) Using foreign donations given for the disaster management efforts to gain tax exemption of a certain company is criminal.
10.) Price hike of commodities in times of disaster is the height of greed.
One thing I can say…God knows.
And…”in times of disaster the blameless will not wither.” (Ps 37.19)
What about you? What’s you contri?

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