Suffering of A Close Friend

As I closed the series on Genuine, I shared in my sermon a story of a close friend regarding her journey of pain and suffering and the outcome of her life now that she is a Christian.
This is the story she told me:

She was raised in a well to do family as a young girl. Her parents have established businesses. Their house was the biggest house in their neighborhood then. People came in and out of their house because there was always food for everyone. Where there is food, there is a crowd.
She was a menopause baby – born 13th from a mother aged 43.
She had tetanus when she was 4 that almost took her life.
Lost her mother when she was 7years old in a tragic truck accident. A speeding truck lost its brake and turned to the sidewalk where her mom was and hit her. Her mom suffered a broken skull and died on the spot.
At age 8, father abandoned the family because he got depressed due to loss of his wife.
Lost their family home through a fire. Not a single thing in the house was saved except the clothes they were wearing. She was 9 years old.
Rebuilt the house but only to lose it in lawsuit because the other party bribed the judge (10 years old). She saw her house being bulldozed to the ground.
Lost all their vehicles and taxi business because of a betrayal of a family friend.
Eventually lost their business and stocks because of mismanagement of her father. In other words, they lost everything.
All siblings were distributed to different relatives just to survive. She was 10 years old then.
At 11 years old, she worked in the market selling fish and other seafood so she can continue her elementary school. She would wake up at 3am everyday then work until 11am then go to school from 12-6pm.
None of her siblings were able to finish school. She studied hard so she can be a scholar and continue her studies. She continued working through HS and college so she can cover other school expenses.
Her father died of emphysema when she was 24.
Her second eldest sister, died of cancer.
In a span of 2 years, 3 other siblings died. One sister to renal failure, a brother to cardiac arrest and another brother to asthma.
Lastly and most painful of all sufferings, she lost a child due to sickness.

Then I asked her, “How do you view life now having experienced all these?”
She answered, “The way I view life changed when I became a Christian. We still go through suffering and pain but we know that God never leaves us nor abandons us. I am grateful to God for my life. I was also blessed when I married you. ”
Yup. This is the story of my wife Shirley. I asked her permission to post this in my blog. I hope this can give hope and encouragement to those who are going through difficult situations. Though life may seem unfair many times, we serve a God who is abounding in loving kindness and mercy. He is a God who give us hope and a bright future. He is a God who can restore things and make them new.
I haven’t met anybody who suffered so much in life as my wife (maybe Job) and still manages to serve God and her family.
She is able to see God in her sufferings and continues to hang on to Him.
2Cor. 1:5 For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.

Source: Faith