Dinner with Taipan Henry Sy

Ok. Let me get the facts straight. We had dinner last night in China Palace (Mall of Asia). We had the place to ourselves. I was with Shirley and our girls (Bea, Ana and Andrea). My Mom and Dad joined us together with TinTin (my sister) and her son Nathan and her fiancé Gary. Then on the other table near us was a familiar face. A simply dressed old man sitting on his wheelchair eating together with some  family and friends. I noticed him staring in our direction while we were eating, so after I finished my meal I mustered some boldness to approach and greet him. I just introduced myself and said it was an honor meeting him. He introduced himself and smiled and I asked permission to take a picture with him which he obliged. That’s the whole story. Of course, I wanted to ask if he can be a sponsor to my daughter’s very distant future wedding. (just kidding)
Here is an example of a man who slowly built his wealth for many years. A legendary rags-to-riches taipan and a shopping mall pioneer. He is now considered the richest man in the Philippines owning over 30 malls (and counting) a top bank and a lot of real estate. Most of us know his story of humble beginnings, driven by a strong vision and stern discipline and frugality. He is a first generation millionaire (now billionaire) and has now passed the business empire to his children.

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