A Yellow Day

I know that hundreds of blogs were already written about our beloved late President Cory Aquino but I can’t help but write something to honor a woman whose unswerving devotion to God and love for country is something that we can emulate.
Today, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos paid tribute to a great President, the nation’s 11th Commander-in-chief, an icon of democracy, a peace advocate, a wife of an assassinated hero and a loving mother. There are yellow ribbons everywhere. The color yellow became a national symbol for peace and democracy. From the funeral mass held at the Manila Cathedral to the procession that led to her final resting place in Manila Memorial Park Paranaque, one can’t help but notice the gratitude and devotion of the people to their well-loved president.
I was 18 years old in February 1986 when we marched along EDSA and eventually saw a nation transform from dictatorship to democracy through peaceful means. The whole world was amazed on how a people can achieve such a feat. I remember flashing the “L” sign with my hands (which during that time means “laban” or fight and not the modern popular symbol among the youth which is “loser”).
President Cory helped unite the Filipinos and led the country with her integrity and strength of character. She faced a lot of challenges as the president but overcame. She was unprepared for a world of politics because she was content to serve as a housewife and mother.  After turning over the leadership to her successor Pres. Ramos, she continued to serve the nation as a civilian protecting democracy.
Thank you for your example of humble and gracious leadership. I saw in her that leading is not all about intelligence and eloquence but moral ascendancy and strength of character. She’s not a perfect leader but she had a heart to serve the people. In her agenda and decisions as president, the Filipino is #1.
Thank you for sparking in my heart a deeper love for this nation. May it not just be a matter of talk. But may each one contribute towards nation building even if he thinks that what he can give may seem insignificant.
Thank you for laying down a foundation where the future generations can build on. May our children and children’s children see the fulfillment of the dreams and vision that you and Ninoy had for the Philippines.
Goodbye and thank you, beloved President.

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