I’m currently reading a book by Craig Groeschel entitled Chazown (pronounced khaw-ZONE) from Hebrew, meaning a dream, revelation or vision. It’s an interesting and inspiring read. As leaders, we need to constantly cultivate the vision that God has given to us. If you don’t have a vision, ask God for one.

chazown1Prov. 29:18  (KJV) Where there is no vision, the people perish:

Prov. 29:18  (NIV) Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint;

When you have a vision [for anything], you are willing to put boundaries in your life in order to achieve it. Great athletes train hard and discipline their eating habits to win. Achieving students study hard and remove any distraction to be on top. Successful entrepreneurs study their company and competition to get ahead of the game.

Abraham left his country because of a vision. Moses forsook the riches of Egypt because of vision. Joseph was put in prison because of vision. Daniel ended up in a lion’s den because of a vision. Jesus was crucified on a cross because of a vision. They all sacrificed but they all achieved what they were called to do.

But with no vision, one is like a wanderer. It doesn’t matter where he is because he does not know where he is going anyway.

When God gives us a vision, it normally comes with four things:
1.  Focus
When you know what you are called to do, you can easily say no to the things that you are not called to do. If you don’t plan for your life, somebody else will. Focus is knowing when to say ‘No’. It is having the discernment to pick the better and great opportunities over the good ones.

2.  Endurance
With vision, come challenges. Accept this fact from the start and stop whining! Success is sweeter when you overcome the odds.

3.  Peace
I define peace as quiet confidence in the midst of the storm. In the eye of the storm is the greatest tranquility and calmness. Peace is knowing where you need to go and having the directions to get there. It’s like having a spiritual GPS. God is guiding you every step of the way and this gives you confidence.

4.  Passion
Show me a person with no passion or motivation and I’ll show you a person with no vision. Great people are filled with great vision. What drives you? A God-given vision will move you forward.

When you receive a vision from God, you’ll never look at life the same again.

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  1. a man without a vision will just have a personal ambition that may create division and may cause separation!

    in church setting, without a vision, the people transfer from another parish!

  2. Very encouraging! I am callcenter agent and in our company, we have this 3 core values .. VISION/PASSION/PURPOSE… and I really like it, because it gives you the drive achieve something on your life. I guess I am going to live with this values, even if I’m no longer working as an agent.

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